My First Camera

My very first camera was a Kodak Instamatic X-15. It came on Christmas 1970 the first year they were made. It used Kodak 126 film cartridges and GE Magicubes which initially might have been the coolest part of the camera. Every time you fired the camera a little battery would cause a mini-explosion in the flash cube, melting the tube inside it. From looking at some of my images I shot with the camera I would guess the focal length of the built-in lens would be the equivalent of about a 35mm lens.
 I can't claim this is the first picture I ever took, but it may very well be. I am certain it was off the first roll of film I got that night with the camera.

Looking at it now the camera did fairly well with the exposure considering nothing was adjustable. The printer had more to do with getting the exposure to look right than the user did. I do notice that nothing in the picture is in good focus. Most likely do to the camera shake you might expect when you give a 10 year old his first camera and let him go around taking pictures willy nilly. The composition leaves something to be desired, but again surprisingly not to bad for a 10 year old with his first camera.

The camera survived a number of vacation trips, but eventually became lost to history. I don't remember it breaking or what became of it, but it didn't survive. Kind of wish I still had it, but not enough to chuck out $10 for a similar one on E-Bay since that is what they seem to be going for.

In truth I think it was much better than what I believe was my second camera. I purchased with my own money a Kodak Disc camera. I was captivated by the slim design, and that I could carry it in my pocket. The trouble was a tiny camera used tiny film. The images were extremely grainy at best.