Macro Photography

What is Macro Photography

The simplest definition of Macro Photography that I’ve seen is 
Making the small things big.

A large camera taking pictures of golfers


A more technical definition of macro photography would be that it is capturing a subject so that it’s image on the camera sensor is life size, or in other words the same size as it is in real life. This is referred to a 1X or 1:1. It has nothing to do with what size the image is printed or displayed at.

When a picture is taken at less than life size it is in the world of what is called Close-Up Photography. Close-up photography doesn’t have any official  description but is often considered anything from just short of life size to 1/10th of life size.

With the right equipment pictures can also be taken at sizes larger than life size. Once you start capturing a subject at 2X or larger you are usually in the studio or some indoor area where you can control the environment, lighting and all the other delicate conditions that are needed to pull this off. I’ll explore all of this more fully in future blogs.